Hey GChurch! We are continuing in our series “Praying Through the Names of Jesus”. This month we will be exploring: Chief Shepherd, Lord of lords, Messiah, and Mighty One. Remember, check your email every Wednesday to pray along with us as we explore “Praying Through the Names of Jesus.” Let’s make GChurch a house of Prayer.

Mighty One

You will also suck the milk of nations and suck the breast of kings; then you will know that I, the LORD , am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

Isaiah 60:16


Jesus, You are the mighty one of Jacob, my Savior and redeemer. Your might empowers all You do. It keeps the enemy at bay. It defeats oppressors. It strips Satan of his fangs. As You said in Isaiah 49:26, “I will feed your oppressors with their own flesh, and they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine; and all flesh will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.” You are a gentle, loving Savior, but You are also a mighty God against whom no one can contend and win. I worship You, for You are a warrior like none other.


Jesus, I confess that I often seek to fight my own battles when I forget that You are the mighty one who can topple kingdoms on my behalf. Rather than call on Your name, I throw my own punches. They land flat, Lord, because the enemy is a stronger warrior than I am. But You can defeat the enemy for me because You are the mighty one, my Savior and redeemer. Please forgive me for failing to hand off the ball to You when I should and trying instead to go it alone.


Jesus, thank You for all the wonderful things You have done for me. Thank You for every door You have opened for me. Thank You for giving me the ability to learn, grow, develop, mature, forgive, and move on. All of this is because of Your strong arm. It is not by my might nor my strength that I have come as far as I have. It is by Your Spirit present in this name which embodies Your strength. As Luke 1:49 says, “The Mighty One has done great things for me; and holy is His name.” Yes, the mighty one has done great things for me. Holy is Your name.


Jesus, I ask that You show up against that which is seeking to take me down. I ask that you grab Your weapons of warfare and defeat the enemy on my behalf. Give me the strength I need to call on You in times of trouble and to trust in Your great name. As Genesis 49:24 says, “His bow remained firm, and his arms were agile, from the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob (from there is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel).” You are agile, strong, great, and mighty. I ask for Your intervention in the specific challenge I am facing right now, and I ask that You overpower it on my behalf. Show me the way to victory as I trust in You, the mighty one.



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